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Destiny & the Prince in the Armor of the Moon

Prince of the Moon, Commander by Aries
Silver armor of Djehuti
Betrothed to Sibilla, Queen of the Fairies

Shield of Mithra, javelin of Isis
Diamond piercing Truth
Crescent shoulder blades of Ibis

Boaz & Jachin magik greaves
Mercury sabatons
Helm of Hermes adorned with wings

Child of Achamoth, blight of Nebro
Phoenix born
Catalyst to the Ego

Born of Tiamat, the Light heeding a call
Given up to Darkness
Dual natures—of which shall he let fall?

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Writing This In 2D, From the 3rd, Attempting At the 4th & Higher

Dwelling on the cocaine years.
Heart still beats but reels in fears.
A fountain welling with past lovers tears.

From moments unknown parts of me unfold.
What once was warm now turned cold.
Who could ever fit my impossible mold?

Stars dwindle as things could’ve been.
If time be infinite, it already happened then.
Only through death was I born again.

Deranged mind of the sot
Outside I smile yet inside there’s rot.
Addictive wont’s fueling vice of sloth.

Yet time both covers and heals all things.
An empty parish now praises and sings
For this love so radiant as Saturn’s ring’s

Found in this world, I’ll find you in the next
No longer alone, no longer vexed.
Leave the past behind, for now we are blessed.

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Hold, please

Dreams & thoughts to hearken upon,
Her lending ear working ardent & gone.
Tiny moments I had wished to share
Dissipated in time as ash in air.

A tall order of short words to dry the lips.
Distance & anger help clench the fists.
Transcendental contemplation.
Two dimensional conversation.

Two rafts of castaways lost at sea.
Do not drift from, come back to me.
The tide is ruthless & takes us from shore.
So take my heart, there’s still much more.

Shed light on this Shadow once worn,
Despising the feminine, even of whom I am born.
A wicked boy plucking at petals of rose.
True gambit in the Game of Throes.

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Of Pawns & Kings

Scepters and thrones
enslave with loans.
But the men we’ve known
Are but made of bone.

Revenues of the elite
plight of the weak.
In thought we are meek.
Into histories seek.

Ancient family names
since the start of days.
Leave the labyrinth,
escape the cave.
Against the dying light—rage.

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Ode to ELW

A lonely owl on tree did perch,

Looking down she on hearth.

The missing piece of my Atom,

The Zoe I could not fathom.

That night the elements of fire and water kissed.

Kindred Spirits melding and twist.

At night dreaming of you so splendidly

together going forth by day a reverie.

Lessons repeat, A moth to light.

Old souls retreat—Young hearts burn bright.

Like the chord, all it took was a second key

Unlock my heart and gather what’s within me.

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Mean heart, cold heart

Holding you close, like cards to the chest.

Can you hear my heart, can you feel what’s bereft?

Scars that never healed, callused to stone.

A pebble in a landslide on its way home.

Love gives words more meaning than sex.

Feminine natures much like my ex.

Climbing and reaching out of self dug holes.

find not a lending hand, but Charon & tolls.

Presented with a misogynists end,

Picket line at my funeral—no amends…

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Splendor Solis

Ten plus years since this heart last fluttered.
Tempered & seared—still fear of words once uttered.
Now I poke and jest just to hear your laughter.
Pondering oft if she is some form of rapture.
Of them all, she the sum.
The rising of my Sun.
The bright Moon in my darkness.
No longer empty and heartless.

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Scito: Ama Et Aude Millia

It’s been over a decade on the run
yet how do I feel so much so soon.
To see those blues eyes in the Sun,
to taste your lips under the Moon.
Seeing me as I wish to be seen,
Outside of this flesh and bone.
What is reality—Life is dream,
Where your heart is my home.
Once a nightmare, now fantasy,
Both devils and angels living vicariously.

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On Cancel Culture

There is not a problem with cancel culture, in fact, it is exposing the fundamental errors of our entertainment based society. The artists and renowned leaders who are being “cancelled” were operating in error from the second they signed a contract. By aligning and obliging oneself to an institution, all freedom of expression and individuality has been forfeited. The moment you can no longer say anything you want is when you’ve cancelled yourself. Private entities consisting of unempathetic board members, power mad executives, and the performance artist CEO are guided by financial incentives, and if such motivations are infringed upon you will be null and voided. It is not the whining voices in the crowd but the social media platforms and corporations that hear one demographic and silence and exile another.

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I’m disappearing and getting out
Going to do all the things I’ve spoken about.
I do not want to be reached nor wish to be found.
Did they listen and understand me while I was around?
Deep down you knew this day would arrive,
Where I spread my wings and seek my tribe.
A place where I can climb as tall as the trees,
And finally free to be the me that I see.