I’m 28, enjoy writing and dwelling in the past like most of the women I’ve met. Poetry comes with emotion and knowledge-truth is the forever flowing ebb. Squint, scratch your head, roll your eyes, understand nothing; matters not to me.

-A.A. in English from De Anza

-B.S. in International Business from SFSU

I’ve created this in hopes of bringing forth what is lacking in the world. Judge me as you will, yet I will carry on still. As an absolute lover of the ineffable, I exist for humanity regardless of any external bitterness you may perceive. We are all forgotten, lost, misunderstood children of the same emanation we will return to. Bound by our human fears, we are all as lonely as the next person. Do not cater to cultural customs, but stammer and stumble about as implied from the cosmos. Never stop yearning, seek and ye shall find. I await you all in the Halls of Amenti, Hodos Chameleonis brothers and sisters.


Our hearts are made of stone.
Malicious intent, do not condone.
For the human condition, ye beware.
Yet their vulnerabilities do not share.
May ones actions be for greater good.
And carry oneself as a true man should.

For We are awake and forever will see.
The Truth within that was meant to be.
Religions are one for they encompass Love.
Just as intended from Light above.

‘Young, Forever I will be.
Hearts-that do not weep.
Old bones that carry me home.
I am no longer alone.’

We act through justice that we see fit.
Consisting of Virtue and true Wit.
Be it violence or peaceful protest-
No enemy will be of contest.
Do not fear or let passion control thee.
For the love of sibling, is the only.

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