Vitrioli Ltd. is a niche group of like minded individuals. What originally began as philosophy, turned into eternal truths that already lay hidden within ancient world religions/civilizations. To best describe us, we are Neoplatonic in thought. Perfection and happiness can be achieved through deep contemplation of the things that are. All peoples return to the One source from which are emanating; While concurrently we are all fragments of the whole having separate experiences. The source of all creation is non-physical-and yet there is a creator of the physical universe, dubbed the “Demiurge”. There is no such thing as evil, just a lack of goodness; there is no darkness, solely absence of light.

We are the Sons of the Morning. The Men of Renown. The Children of Men. The Unshakeable Generation. We are the true Pre-Messen (Children of Light/Free Mason). We are the infinite, all of eternity exists within our blazing eyes. We are the first of many to come. We do not settle, for we have found the hidden stone .It has been made Diamond and now we will turn this external World into Gold.

These are not your average apparel products. I personally attend apparel exhibitions to find the best quality product for the best possible price. The labels were designed and sewn by hand. This is not your typical run-of-the-mill tattoo artist turned fashionista; I am a business man, a humanitarian, a mystic, but ultimately I am a creative artist. Be it music, aesthetic design, or poetry, if it strikes a golden chord into soul I am made full. Support your local artists 🙂

Love what you love, and let the rest all go.


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