The Deluge & Planet-X

Brother, sister, seeker of wisdom. I write as a desire to learn and know, I do not proclaim to know.

The Flood, Early Man, & the Gods:

Growing up, we hear these stories regarding a massive flood that destroyed all of humanity. The sole survivors, chosen by God, create a vessel in which to survive the impending flood. Large waves swallow the Earth, along with rain for 40 days and nights, there is total destruction.

Manu, from Matsya Purana, pictured with white hair, as is Noah typically described.

Imagining such a thing seems impossible-a fairy tale. Yet the same stories are told by virtually every culture, separated by time, oceans, religions, and languages. The Abrahamic religions, Sumerians, Babylonians (Epic of Gilgamesh), the Greeks, the Norse, the Irish, the Indians (Matsya Purana), Native Americans, Inca-the list goes on.

Now, with multiple accounts to work from, I’m confident we can not only find the source, but rationalize the part’s that are true, and which have been added for affect. Reading translations of newly discovered ancient tablets and scriptures, we find that humanities past is confusing, shrouded in darkness, a tabula rasa. That of what does remain, word for word, details a race separate, and far greater in knowledge than our primordial selves.

  • Did we ascend from apes, or descend from Gods?
  • We these Gods from the physical realm, or a mystical epoch?
  • Were we, and are we still, a slave race?
  • Had our DNA been tampered with?
  • How much do we actually know of our past?

Modern science can now trace the first human DNA back to the continent of Africa, yes this is a fact. With that in mind, it is important to  acknowledge that the earliest writings, be it oral traditions from African tribes, or clay tablets within the city of Ur, would be the earliest and in all probability the most accurate of accounts. We know that there are written tales and attestations, but where is the hard scientific evidence.

  • In this video, Randall Carson gives sufficient evidence that proves there was in fact not just one flood-but two. By digging many miles into a thick ice sheet located in Greenland, scientists were able to analyze the exact sea levels as far back as 250,000 years. Indications of massive sea-level spikes dating back 10-15 thousand years ago are prevalent. The fact that the rise of the sea level was not gradual over time, yet instantaneous, means there had to have been a geological event of some kind.
  • The deaths of many prehistoric animals also coincide with the relative framework of the great deluge. This massive extinction was all encompassing, swallowing everything in it’s path.