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Concerning My Soul & Its Relation To The Physical

External rejections
Of internal reflections
Private insurrections.

Employee aggravations
Let downs of my nation.
Indigenous iration.

Emotional reactants
With no live captions

And yet despite our differences
Dissonant instances,
Misconstrued inferences.

I still love you the same.
Even between happiness and pain,
Spasms from the left & right of my brain.

It’s just sometimes I feel full of doubt
Or an animal that should never be let out.
Living this moment too many times to count.

More apparition than man,
A hermit bogged down in sand
Or a fish washed up onto land.

Bear with me, still getting used to this shell
What’s Heaven, once hell
A tall tree or bright star that fell.

Betwixt the self loathing
Longing to be lonely—
She’s the only one to show me

That this chest still beats,
And even beasts can weep
Over shadows on the walls of sleep.