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Alchemica Stella

Sensual pleasing
Deep kneading
Hands cleaving
Fingers feeding
Heavy breathing
Pelvis leading
All the things I’m thinking

Take what’s left
Take my breathe
Soulful theft
Your body blessed
Feel your chest
Find your crest
Lick the juices from my cleft

Pull your hair
Steal my air
Skin so fair
Our vessels bare
Blue eyes stare
My heart I swear
Every answer to my prayer

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Valentines Day Poem

A lonely owl on tree did perch,
Looking down on she on hearth.
The missing piece of my Atom,
The Zoe I could not fathom.

That night the elements of fire & water did kiss.
Kindred Spirits melding and twist.
At night dreaming of you so splendidly
Together going forth by day a reverie.

Lessons repeat, A moth to light.
Old souls retreat—Young hearts burn bright.
Like the chord, all it took was a second key.
Unlock my heart and gather what’s within me.