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Destiny & the Prince in the Armor of the Moon

Prince of the Moon, Commander by Aries
Silver armor of Djehuti
Betrothed to Sibilla, Queen of the Fairies

Shield of Mithra, javelin of Isis
Diamond piercing Truth
Crescent shoulder blades of Ibis

Boaz & Jachin magik greaves
Mercury sabatons
Helm of Hermes adorned with wings

Child of Achamoth, blight of Nebro
Phoenix born
Catalyst to the Ego

Born of Tiamat, the Light heeding a call
Given up to Darkness
Dual natures—of which shall he let fall?

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Writing This In 2D, From the 3rd, Attempting At the 4th & Higher

Dwelling on the cocaine years.
Heart still beats but reels in fears.
A fountain welling with past lovers tears.

From moments unknown parts of me unfold.
What once was warm now turned cold.
Who could ever fit my impossible mold?

Stars dwindle as things could’ve been.
If time be infinite, it already happened then.
Only through death was I born again.

Deranged mind of the sot
Outside I smile yet inside there’s rot.
Addictive wont’s fueling vice of sloth.

Yet time both covers and heals all things.
An empty parish now praises and sings
For this love so radiant as Saturn’s ring’s

Found in this world, I’ll find you in the next
No longer alone, no longer vexed.
Leave the past behind, for now we are blessed.