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Hold, please

Dreams & thoughts to hearken upon,
Her lending ear working ardent & gone.
Tiny moments I had wished to share
Dissipated in time as ash in air.

A tall order of short words to dry the lips.
Distance & anger help clench the fists.
Transcendental contemplation.
Two dimensional conversation.

Two rafts of castaways lost at sea.
Do not drift from, come back to me.
The tide is ruthless & takes us from shore.
So take my heart, there’s still much more.

Shed light on this Shadow once worn,
Despising the feminine, even of whom I am born.
A wicked boy plucking at petals of rose.
True gambit in the Game of Throes.

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Of Pawns & Kings

Scepters and thrones
enslave with loans.
But the men we’ve known
Are but made of bone.

Revenues of the elite
plight of the weak.
In thought we are meek.
Into histories seek.

Ancient family names
since the start of days.
Leave the labyrinth,
escape the cave.
Against the dying light—rage.