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Ode to ELW

A lonely owl on tree did perch,

Looking down she on hearth.

The missing piece of my Atom,

The Zoe I could not fathom.

That night the elements of fire and water kissed.

Kindred Spirits melding and twist.

At night dreaming of you so splendidly

together going forth by day a reverie.

Lessons repeat, A moth to light.

Old souls retreat—Young hearts burn bright.

Like the chord, all it took was a second key

Unlock my heart and gather what’s within me.

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Mean heart, cold heart

Holding you close, like cards to the chest.

Can you hear my heart, can you feel what’s bereft?

Scars that never healed, callused to stone.

A pebble in a landslide on its way home.

Love gives words more meaning than sex.

Feminine natures much like my ex.

Climbing and reaching out of self dug holes.

find not a lending hand, but Charon & tolls.

Presented with a misogynists end,

Picket line at my funeral—no amends…