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Dreams So Perplexed

Wakened and stirred by scents and sounds;

Mémoires of nocturnal scenes come with platters of sentiments,

Lucid Interactions, and divine apparitions .

Some say they don’t dream; Truly, they do.

One simply ceases to dwell upon them when waking.

Perhaps imagination left them, from the gloom and dregs of society.

Choose not to overlook one of life’s greater mysteries;

Open thy eye of terra firma,

Latch it to the ethereal and forever see.

Do not run from- but to that which seeks you.

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Devil On My Shoulder, Angel Adjacent

tormentA man had placed his hand on my right shoulder. The rings and watch on his hand play and dance in the sunlight. He whispers in my ear that he is glad I’ve chosen to disregard others, “Why bend for these creatures that would not stir for you?” Turning round to gaze at the faceless voice, he appeared in illustrious garments, a suede custom suit entreated anyone to believe him of important stature. He smelt clean; lustful. Hair sleeked backwards, bringing your eyes to his affixed gaze of yellow green retina.

She turns away. A tear falls from her eye, perfectly timed so there was a chance I wouldn’t notice. But I did, however. As she walks away, she doesn’t glance backwards at my moistened retinas.

The unknown accomplice hands me a cigarette and lights it with a golden embroidered lighter: “Forget her. Let’s grab a drink, my new friend.” His oratory flowed so smoothly from his tongue that I could not bring words to agree nor deny, but rather began to walk with him

Sitting amongst the sots, the 2nd drink came and went as quickly as the first. After some time, he signals a familiar woman to keep me company. She sits very close, she make’s men forget about the world. A reached hand is placed in lap, whispering softly into my ear. Estranged sounds exchanged, we leave together anyway. He gazes out, from behind a pool table He smiles, and I smile back, a curt nod is shared.

Upon awakening, I take notice to the ceiling, shadows move and patterns fold. Moving my head carefully, as to not provoke pain, a strange woman by my bed pulls up her pants, kisses me passionately with cigarette stained teeth, and swiftly leaves. He walks past her unnoticed, enters my room, lavish in appearance as last observed. A gloominess follows “See? Did you not enjoy yourself?” When I speak, the scents of liquor, nicotine, and foreign saliva expel from my words:

“I figure not. Although, I am still unsure of myself.”

Turning left, I take notice of the picture frame sitting on my nightstand. Me smiling next to an angel. The thought of better days resonates within. Closing my eyes, the memories grasp me refusing to let go, constricting the mind. I feel myself moving to the back of my mind. A hand falls on my shoulder. With eyes half shut, I take in a different man not recognized. He is tall, thin, weak in appearance, and dressed in unappealing  worn clothing.
“Would you not rather live for her, than anyone else?” a sweet love radiated in him. The sun had shone upon his eyes, lifting one into rapture.Words become difficult to bring forth.

“She still cares for you, she does.” he says. “Remove yourself from any equation; live for her.” The sleek man in the corner of the room proclaims that love is a weakness, “A sickness, like a passing cold.” ominous vibrations extrude form his voice.

The man to my left stands, a blinding light shines from his cavity. They glare at each other, ready for battle eternal. Shadows danced on the ceiling, forming many hands they extend toward the light. A pushing and pulling, splitting and tearing at the center. The fighting reaching a pinnacle, brings a blinding crashing brilliance. Knocked back to the ignorance of bliss, I am fast asleep, dreaming of days when there was fullness of heart.

I awaken, but falsely, feeling weak, somewhat sick.

And the men, but gone. “Just another dream,” I admit.